The Institute of New Technologies (INT) was founded in 1989 by a group of scientists (all members of the USSR Academy of Sciences) headed by Dr. Velikhov, to facilitate the implementation of advanced information technologies into the educational process. INT has since worked in Russian education, in close collaboration with Russian Ministry of Education, Moscow Department of Education, the National Fund for Professional Training and UNESCO. We have worked on several projects investigating educational reform in Russia, and have experience in collaborating with both teachers and administration in Moscow and Russian regions

Today, INT is known as the leading company in development and implementation of the integrated comprehensive projects in the field of education, and the major solution provider on the Russian market of projection and presentation technologies. 

  • INT means advanced education and communication technologies. 
  • INT means a wealth of Internet-based projects in the field of education and culture. 
  • INT means hundreds of classrooms and conference halls equipped on the "turnkey" basis. 

The achievements of INT were recognized by the State (Russian Federation Presidential Awards in Education). 

Contacts and location

Address: 50, Mytnaya str, Moscow, ground floor of the residential building. Entrance at the back of the building, entrance 2 (second door on the left). 
Postal address: 50, Mytnaya str, Moscow 115162. 
Telephone:  Our phone lines: +7 (495) 221-26-45, +7 (495) 223-91-45
E-mail: To contact us by e-mail, please write to int [at]